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Pre-K & Kindergarten Registration
Registration will be on Thursday, April 12th from 7:00 am - 7:00 pm.

Registration Fairs are available to assist parents with paperwork and
answer any questions they may have. Children do NOT need to be present for
Parents must bring:
o Photo ID for parent/legal guardian
o Proof of family’s legal address (examples: current water, gas or
electric bill; tax receipt or Granville County property tax statement;
deed of trust, rental agreement)
o Child’s Birth Certificate
o Child’s Immunization Records
**For NC-PK enrollment applications, parents must also bring proof of income.
Income information is required for consideration in Pre-K classrooms as it is part of
the selection criteria. Please bring a copy of your most recent check stub, the front
page of Form 1040, or W-2 form.

Air Quality Updates at WOX

about 1 month ago

Air quality updates.

On Wednesday, September 20, an independent air-quality testing laboratory conducted tests of the air quality in 13 random locations throughout the campus.  On Monday, September 25, we spoke with representatives from this company who confirmed that the official report concluded, “It is our professional opinion that the results suggested a normal indoor fungal ecology.” 

There was one air sample taken in the hallway of building A that had a spore count higher than the outdoor air, suggesting a fungal amplification in this area.

While it is very good news that overall the school campus showed very clean test results, we will follow up with an investigation about the hallway in building A.  This could include additional air and surface samples as directed by the experts at this independent laboratory.  We will continue to monitor this carefully and address any results that show a potential danger to our students.  Any updates will be communicated to you immediately.  The official report for the September 20 testing is now posted here:

If you have any questions about anything related to this matter, please direct them to me.  My contact information is listed below.  Thank you so much for your continued support and patience as we strive to keep our schools as safe as possible for our children and staff.


By Dr. Stan Winborne, EdD

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