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Shelby Hunt, Principal

8 months ago

Dear West Oxford Family,


The West Oxford Elementary Faculty and Staff would like to welcome you for the 2018-2019 school year. We look forward to working with all members of the West Oxford family. Together we will strive to make this a very successful school year, filled with exciting learning opportunities and challenges for every child.  


This year, we will focus on maintaining a safe and welcoming learning environment and will be honored to communicate with you on a regular basis. Our school goal is to partner with parents, community, and businesses to ensure that every child is ready for a successful future. In order to accomplish this goal, we will also need your help! Please consider setting a personal goal this year to increase the time spent sharing parent/child educational experiences.  I am asking that you be prepared to partner with us in increasing the academic progress of your child by doing at least the following:


1.  Monitor your child’s reading and homework assignments.  Depending on                 your child’s age, he or she will be expected to read and complete between fifteen and ninety minutes of homework each weekday. 


2.  Attend quarterly conferences to discuss your child’s progress and performance with his or her teachers. 


3.  Attend school on time.  All students should be on the grounds and in class by 7:30 am. 


4.  Reinforce West Oxford’s expectations that your child come to school each day ready to follow the rules, listen to the adults, and be a productive citizen in our teaching and learning community.

We will offer several parent information sessions throughout the year.  For the convenience of parents, many of these sessions will be scheduled during regular PTO meetings. Please consider joining the PTO. This organization works very hard at helping to keep up communication between parents, teachers, and students.  

Educating our children is a big responsibility, so remember here at West Oxford, we are all on the same team working together to help children!

Shelby Hunt
Principal, West Oxford Elementary
Granville County Schools, NC

Jacquail Green, Assistant Principal

8 months ago

Name: Jacquail Green
Email Address:
Phone number:(919) 693-9161 x7012

Assistant Principal


Andre Ross, Behavior Specialist
Name: Andre Ross
Email Address:
Phone number: 919-693-9161

Behavior Specialist