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5th grade Graduation 2016

over 4 years ago

   Students congratulating Mrs. Hafner on her retirement after 17 years at WOES.... We'll miss you!! 

Isaiah Hicks... Hometown Hero

over 4 years ago

West Oxford students paid tribute to their hometown hero by writing and  sending 500 letters to Isaiah Hicks.  The videos below show students celebrating  Isaiah's successful career at Carolina... West Oxford is PROUD of Isaiah !

Isaiah Hicks... A Star is Born

Ms. Holloway and Ms. Huff's  Kindergarten class... Can't Touch This!  

     Past pictures of Isaiah Hicks at WOES  -   Holding Out for a  Hero


over 4 years ago

Students with highest EOG growth throw pies in Mr. Taylor's face

Students passing  EOGs throw water balloons at Mrs. Hunt

Best Day EVER... Field Day!

over 4 years ago

  Watch the video of the awesome time students, staff and parents had at field day!  

Showcase of Stars

over 4 years ago

Showcase of STARS

Ms. Green's class -  CUPS

 Synchronized Swimming

Career Day

over 4 years ago

West Oxford students participated in a Career Day.  Hoot out to our counselor Ms. Bell for putting this wonderful event together.  All students were able to go to a different session in small groups to learn more about different types of careers.  K-2 students went in the cafeteria while 3-5 students went in the gym.  

K-2 students were able to learn about the different careers such as being a Dental Hygienist, Dental Assistant, Hair Stylist, Police Officer, Pro Baseball Player, Medical Lab, Researcher from UNC, NC SECU Bank with Finance Officer, and Post Master.

3-5 students were able to learn about being a Police Officer, Speech Therapist, Veterinarian Dr., Engineer, Digital Media, Bails Bondsman, Granville Hospital with the Clinical Value Analysis, VP of Operations, and Mathematician for EPA.

In front of the school we had the military, horses, and Granville County fire truck.
Thank you to all of the volunteers in the community that came out to make this a successful day.

4th graders discover Wilmington

over 4 years ago

4th graders enjoyed 2 days discovering the sites at Wilmington

 watch the video

Black History Month Concert

over 4 years ago

Carolina Panthers - Keep Pounding!

over 4 years ago

 Students and Staff showing their support of Carolina Panthers

WOES school supplies arrive in Ethiopia

over 4 years ago

Dear Students in West Oxford Elementary School,

I would first and foremost like to apologize for taking so long to reply to your wonderful letters and generous gifts to poor students in Ethiopia. I have been busy traveling around the States.

West Oxford is one of the few places I will always remember. I appreciate the discipline, respect and friendly welcome I got from you the students and the whole school community. I believe we will keep in touch and share information on each other’s plans and successes.

Do always remember to plan your future, set goals and devise a strategy to get where you want to get. Some of you promised to become the president of the United States and come out to help Ethiopia, some of you would become engineers, singers, doctors, and all sorts of important professionals the whole world needs. You therefore need to work hard now, today to become the future professionals. It starts from understanding your subjects properly, and doing your exams well. It starts with being grateful for the best opportunities you have to become whatever you want to become! That is when I surely expect a better support from you for my country! Who knows you might get an Ethiopian peer to support America too!

Like I said to you in person, students travel tens and twenties of kilometers to get to school in Ethiopia, and yet they do not have proper school items to take notes and study. They also got little to eat and wear, let alone the luxury of bus transport from door to door, variety of clothes and shoes to change daily, a pocket money to have ice cream, or even the luxury of going on summer holiday. Quite a lot of students suffer from long distance travel and hunger throughout their schooling.

I travelled some 2500kms to get to one of the most remote and poor schools in the country and deliver what you have donated. This school is called Sriel Elementary School. It’s located in a small town of not more than 3000 people. The school currently serves more than 1000 students from all around may be 10, 000 people.


Most of the school materials you donated were given to students of this school. We also shared some to the high school nearby.

Etemar Moges is a grade five student.Her mother is bed-ridden, and rarely supports Her. Etemar wants to become a teacher.

Millennium, who was born on the Ethiopian Millennium some eight years ago is a grade two student. His mother supports him go to school by fetching water from distant Rivers and selling to people.

Misen Abebaw is a grade 10 student. His parents live far in the countryside and support himself by working as a porter on passing Lorries and buses. He wants to become a doctor.

Once again I would like to thank you so much for your generous support, and believe West oxford and Sriel can partner to not only support each other but also   share experiences. I also would like to thank Dr Bart Cleary and Cind Cleary for organizing the event. I have requested all the students here to send result reports by the end of the year, may I ask you the same please?

Let’s work hard and achieve our dreams! Who knows some of you might invent technologies that would transform the world into a climate resilient, sustainable and peaceful environment for human beings and all living things!

I would like to say good bye for now,   look forward to hearing from you sometime soon

With lots of love and hugs


West Oxford Improvement Plan and Feedback

over 4 years ago

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has required West Oxford Elementary to submit a specialized school improvement plan. This requirement was triggered by the NC School Report Card letter grade of a "F" and meeting growth on state assessments. Parents and community members are invited to submit feedback on this plan before it is submitted to our local Board of Education and the State Board of Education.



To preview the plan, click on the link below.  You can then download the document in pdf format.  Once you have reviewed the plan, click on the link below and give your feedback.  Please be as specific as possible and reference particular goals, strategies or other components as much as possible.




Google Docs form for feedback


Free Energy Kits available
Free Energy Kits available
Library Donation
 Library Donation
Follow West Oxford on Twitter
 Follow West Oxford on Twitter
Thank you to our reading volunteers!
 Thank you to our reading volunteers!
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Bullying... Why Me?

over 4 years ago

 Lesley Arthur's 5th grade homeroom

During a discussion about bullying in Lesley Arthur's 5th grade homeroom at West Oxford Elementary, the class decided to take action and to make a difference! They created a video with an anti-bullying message from a 5th grader's perspective. The video shows that bullying comes in many shapes and sizes AND that targets of bullying may have a hard time standing up for themselves. The students also wanted to send the message to others who may witness bullying (and who may fear being bullied also) that bullying is NEVER ok.  



over 4 years ago

The students at West Oxford Elementary celebrated November as "Thankful Month." The WHOLE SCHOOL decided to show their "thankfulness" by supporting ACIM, the local food bank (which supports over 800 families each month)

Located practically right across the street from the school, it was the obvious choice to let the students see first hand where their food would go. 

 Mayor Jackie Sergent lead the parade the 200 yards down the middle of the street with the banners reading "ONE KID CAN".  The local police and sheriff departments closed the streets as the 564 students and staff marched in a mini-parade to the food bank. 

Each student placed at least one can of food on the shelves of the food bank.

The students left ACIM feeling they had accomplished helping families during the holidays by contributing 1450 cans.

Most importantly, the students at West Oxford Elementary learned the important lesson that  they CAN make a difference in their community 

Watch the video of WOES "ONE KID CAN" parade giving to their community by clicking on the link below:

ABC 11 6:00 news report about One Kid Can

School Spirit Fridays TShirts

over 4 years ago

Hello parents and students!

It's almost time for another exciting school year to begin.  This year at West Oxford, we will have School Spirit Fridays.  Each Friday, students and staff will wear West Oxford t-shirts to school.  Students who do not have a shirt will be able to place an order for them beginning August 24, 2015.  They will be available in Navy and also in Gold.

(Sample of the shirt in navy)

Here is a copy of the information/order form that will come home at the beginning of the year:


over 4 years ago

Just the mention of the words "field trip" to a group of elementary school students invokes giggly enthusiasm and thoughts of exciting adventures away from the daily routine of classes and lessons. The fourth-graders at West Oxford fit that description to a "t" recently as they boarded charter buses before dawn for a day-long excursion to the coast of North Carolina. What made this trip special for so many of these students? It was the first time they'd seen the Atlantic Ocean! Watch this touching video that captures just a bit of the fun these students - and grownups! - had.


over 4 years ago

Ask many adults to describe a favorite memory from their childhood and, more than likely, they will recall a special time from their days in school. Students and staff at West Oxford Elementary have been making some future memories recently during a special week with the theme "I Love My School." The more than 600 students and staff are shown here creating a heart design as part of the week's activities. Students also participated in a competition to depict just a few of the reasons why they love their school. The pictures and photos were made into a video, which is posted on YouTube. To view the West Oxford creation, click the link below

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