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Our School

The West Oxford Story

Welcome to West Oxford Elementary School

West Oxford's Mission:  West Oxford Elementary School will provide a caring and safe environment that produces global leaders.

West Oxford's Vision:  West Oxford Elementary School: Where students and teachers are collaborative, empathetic, Global Leaders committed to embracing multiculturalism and creating a positive impact in their local and global community.


The West Oxford Way

  1. We show respect to one another by investing in our relationships, our work, and our community.

  2. We will have a positive attitude and be flexible so we can meet new challenges.

  3. We will hold high expectations and have pride in our work, relationships, and environment.

  4. All members of the WOX family are here to learn.  We are invested in our growth and accomplishments by continuing to adapt to our learning environment and holding ourselves accountable for our success. 

  5. Teachers guide students in developing responsibility and independence by providing appropriate opportunities for choice.

  6. We believe teachers, staff, students, parents, and the community must work together to support our students’ continuous and constant growth by taking steps to get to know each other and caring for one another’s social and emotional needs.

  7. We provide a sense of belonging and trust by building meaningful relationships and by developing avenues for open communication between staff, students, families, and the community.

  8. Every minute counts.  Teachers will provide meaningful instructional tasks where students can use creativity and higher order thinking skills to relate content to their daily lives.

  9. All members of the WOX family will show appreciation and kindness to one another.  

  10. Our students are capable of exceeding growth and demonstrating strong academic performance, and it is the role of the teachers to facilitate their progress.  

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