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Read to Achieve

over 4 years ago

What is Read to Achieve?

Third-grade students receive extra attention in North Carolina because of the state’s Read to Achieve legislative initiative, a part of the Excellent Public Schools Act. Under this state law, third-grade students who are not reading at grade level by the end of third grade will receive special help, including summer reading camp and other interventions to make sure that they can read well enough to be able to do fourth-grade work.

 What data is tracked for West Oxford 3rd grade students?

  • Beginning of Grade Assessment Scores
  • mClass Reading 3D data
  • Discovery Education reading data
  • Progress monitoring data,
  • Personal Education Plan (PEP) 
  • State generated Read to Achieve Passages

- 3 Instructional (Practice) Passages are given per standard

- No more than 3 passages per week

- Passages are not timed and students CANNOT receive

- Students are allowed no more than 10 passages per standard; there are 12 standards

- Students must score 70% or higher to master the standard; Mastery equals scoring 4 out of 5 questions per passages correctly

What if your child does NOT pass the 3rd Grade Reading EOG?

  • If his/her portfolio shows good growth (mClass and PEP) and  proficiency on the passages, they will be promoted to the 4th grade.
  • If he/she meets a “Good Cause Exemption:” 1) taking Extend 1 EOG;  2)students designated as ESL; 3) a student has been retained more than once before third grade, they will be promoted to the 4th grade.
  • Students not meeting the above exemptions will:

o   retake the 3rd Grade Reading EOG; if they do NOT pass, they will then…

o   He or she will take an alternate Read to Achieve Test

o   If he or she does not pass the alternate test, they will be required to attend Summer Reading Camp

What is Summer Reading Camp?

This is a 6-week instructional Reading program. Students will attend camp 4 days a week for a total of 3 hours per day. Summer camp may not be held at your child’s base school. During this time, students will receive Reading instruction and interventions. They will continue with additional passages for the standards that they have NOT mastered. If they master the portfolio they will be promoted to the 4th grade. If not, they will take another NC Read to Achieve Test at the end of summer camp.

 If your child does not master the portfolio or pass the test in summer camp, he or she will be retained to 3rd grade and will be considered 3rd/4th grade student in August. Students will this classification with receive on-going intensive reading instruction and interventions with their classroom teacher and with a Reading Specialist. Prior to November 1st, these students will take a Read to Achieve Test. Student’s who pass this test will be promoted to 4th grade. Students who do not pass will be required to take the 4th grade Reading EOG. At the end of the school year, the Principal will determine if students should be promoted to 5th grade or retained in 4th grade.


Additional Information:

o Order of Passages: review the order of passages so that you can assist your child at home by clicking the link below

·         Order of Passages 

o Parent Passages: Click the Live Binder link below for more information on Read to Achieve and to download passages listed by standard that you can use to review with your child