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Statement for Virtual Classes

"Please be reminded that the school rules regarding appropriate behavior and use of school system technology continue to apply to our online instruction. When you are in this remote classroom you are in school, and can be disciplined for misbehavior, including loss of GCPS technology privileges. Inappropriate language or images, bullying, harassment or disruption will not be tolerated.

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Our Registration Center is located at Mary Potter Middle School: Room 301, 200 Taylor Street, Oxford, NC 27565.

Phone: (919) 690-2319 Fax: (919) 690-2320 Email:

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Social Emotional Support

West Oxford Elementary: Please contact us at school, we want to help. 919-693-9161 Christy Currin, School Social Worker Bethany Bonnemere, Principal Jacquail Green, Assistant Principal

Community support: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255 United Way 211 ACIM 919-690-0961 Daymark Mobile Crisis. 866-275-9552 They will come to you when there is a mental health emergency.